Maativan Wada, signifies a natural building sanctuary made of mud, amidst the forest’s embrace. It is nestled on the fringes of Wada’s reserved forest area near Mumbai in India, stands as a testament to dedication to environmental consciousness through the integration of material palette, passive design climatology principles and construction technology.

Maativan exhibits integration of nature within the building envelope in the thoughtful planning of spaces around existing trees, preserving existing natural vegetation. The design follows biophilic architecture design principles. Shapes were influenced by organic forms found in nature and the ephemeral quality of natural light. The intention was to create an immersive, atmospheric experience that inspires a feeling of being in a forest, in a lush outdoor space under an overgrown natural canopy. The incorporation of organic forms that blend harmoniously with the surroundings takes inspiration from the works and philosophy of architects Nari Gandhi and Javier Senosiain.