Principal Architects

Prashant Dupare and Shriya Parasrampuria are the founders and principal architects of Blurring Boundaries, a contextualist design practice in Mumbai, engaged in creating sustainable and appropriate biophilic design solutions. They are 2007 graduates from Sir JJ college of architecture, Mumbai and have had an architectural practice for more than 14 years. They have worked on a plethora of residential projects, hospitality projects, educational buildings, with ecological materials and techniques.

The founders believe that architecture has the power to affect the core of society and must be used responsibly. The spatial environment affects the thought process of an individual and therefore that of society at large.Challenging the ‘normal’ is a constant effort and being open to new ideas and concepts of learning is essential to growth, both as an individual and as an architect.

They are currently focused on the completion of a natural- building project in the outskirts of Mumbai. The resolve to use natural materials as much as can be is creating new challenges and an interesting design language is evolving for the project. They are also setting up a workshop for experimental works at the Maativan in Wada and always remain connected to nature and a simple sustainable way of living.

Shriya Parasrampuria

Shriya has had a chance to explore different materials along with different technologies in architecture and interior in the span of her career. She has found a balance in working from the scale of designing the minute intricacies of detailing to the larger planning of site and buildings. She connects with the user in depth and imbibes their values into the design from the beginning.

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Prashant Dupare

Prashant has a strong belief in adhering to natural systems and following nature’s diktat as a lifestyle. He is a strong advocate of passive design technologies and believes that if you focus on resolution of design based on these technologies in the initial stages, the structure starts on the path of sustainability as it is.

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